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In some situations, we can get by in a foreign language with gestures and simple words and phrases. As soon as we enter the professional and business world, however, a lack of language skills can lead to misunderstanding and prevent us from reaching our goals. The same goes for persuasive situations that call for strategic nuance – such as giving presentations, during business meetings, or in important negotiations. In each of these contexts, good language skills combined with proven rhetorical strategies are essential.

Practice makes perfect, and we can help you meet your goals with English language courses and workshops devoted to honing your persuasive talents. All of our trainings, workshops, and courses are customized to meet your individual needs and specifications.

Do you have a presentation to give or a job interview to prepare for? Do your employees need to polish their English or their negotiation skills, or both? Please visit our detail pages for more information about our English courses and our Strategic Communication workshops:


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