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Negotiation Tactics

Strategically sound preparation combined with strong arguments can shift the scales of a negotiation in your favor. Knowledgeable and disciplined negotiation skills are critical in today’s business world, especially in high-pressure situations or where there is significant potential for conflict.

Identify interests
In such situations it is not enough to simply force your own position on others; instead it is important to find solutions that everyone can agree on. In this workshop your team will learn to better plan and organize your negotiations and how to set clear goals, argue effectively for your needs and interests, and find common ground with your negotiation partner.

Formulate powerful arguments
Participants learn to apply a range of negotiation strategies and techniques to match a given situation. Planning and role playing exercises deepen knowledge and provide practical examples for participants to apply their newly learned methods. Modules on intercultural negotiation and conflict management are available as well.

Contact us – we would be happy to put together a workshop for you that is personalized to meet the needs of your team.