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Public Speaking

Presentations can create stressful situations for both the speaker and their audience. In this workshop you and your team will learn how to make your public speaking more lively and engaging, how to focus and hold your audience’s attention, and most importantly, how to feel comfortable and confident as a speaker.

The art of public speaking
The workshop seamlessly integrates fundamental rhetorical theory with practical exercises that get you speaking. Exercise modules include: generating compelling arguments, organizing your thoughts for maximum impact, building a connection with your audience, and using voice and body language to convey confidence and keep your listeners engaged.

Win your audience
Our presentation techniques workshops are customizable and personalized to best fit your needs and the needs of your team. Individual modules can be combined, modified, and arranged to focus on known areas of weakness in public speaking. Our multi-day workshop also includes a video feedback module, so that each participant receives personalized feedback on their own presentation style from the trainer.

Contact us – we would be happy to put together a workshop for you that is personalized to meet the needs of your team.