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Private Consultation

Whether preparing for a job interview or a presentation at a conference, salary negotiations or an important planning meeting – our private coaching is designed to help you communicate more effectively and meet your real world goals.

Our private coaching sessions integrate content from all of our communication workshops and modules – Public Speaking, Conversational Rhetoric, Negotiation Tactics, Business English, and Intercultural Communication – as necessary meet each clients individual needs and existing talents. Rhetorical diagnostics identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and make it possible to design a personalized program for each of our private clients. In intensive one-on-one meetings, participants have the ability to hone specific skills and prepare for concrete presentations, meetings, or events.

If you come to us with a German version of a speech that needs to be held in English, we will begin by translating it while simultaneously incorporating feedback on argumentation, structure and flow. If you have yet to formulate your ideas into a concrete text, we can start the process together, generating ideas and arguments, acting as a sparing partner, and laying the foundation before construction begins. With a finished and polished text, we can work  with you to perfect the delivery and performance of your presentation before your speaking engagement. In a single or multiple one-on-one sessions, we will practice elements such as body language, pronunciation, rhythm and presence to ensure that your performance properly reflects both what is written on the page and your rhetorical intention.

Sessions can be held in either German or in English. English sessions are particularly suited to English native speakers or non-native individuals who do business in international contexts and are preparing for a specific meeting, presentation, or interview in English.

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