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Conversational Rhetoric

Rarely do we give much thought to normal everyday conversations. But sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we wish we could present ourselves more clearly and our ideas more persuasively.

Planing conversations
This is especially true in situations that deal with critical issues and important business decisions, or where we are the focus of attention. Situations such as business meetings, job interviews, performance evaluations and customer visits all require strategic and polished conversational skills.

Setting common goals
In this workshop, participants learn and practice the foundations of persuasive communication in small group and interpersonal contexts. Theoretical instruction combined with practical exercises provide participants with systematic knowledge and tools that can be used during meetings, planning sessions, and conversational situations both within and outside of the workplace.

Finding solutions
How can arguments be formulated for maximum impact and seamlessly integrated into a conversation? How are speakers perceived in such situations? Do words, voice, and body language convey a consistent and strong message? How can we defuse conflicts and find common solutions.

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