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Editing and Correction

Do you have a text written in English that needs correction or a final polish before it gets published or sent to the customer? Whether your text is literary, academic, or commercial in nature, we can help.

In business and academic contexts, mistakes in essential documents and papers can cause confusion or have damaging effects. Even translations by highly qualified non-native speakers sometimes miss their target; minor language mistakes and the unnatural use of idiomatic expressions, for instance, can change the tone and make it harder for a native English speaker to understand.

Our correction service involves a thorough analysis of the document and the correction of all English language mistakes that it may contain including: grammar, vocabulary, prepositions and syntax. Our editing services take this one step further, smoothing out stylistic irregularities and idiomatic language, and ensuring that the text has a natural flow and tone for native English speakers.

Contact us – we would be happy to provide you with a personalized offer for any correction or editing you may need.