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Text Translation

Do you need a native-speaking translation of your technical, academic, or literary texts? We can translate your original German text quickly, accurately, and professionally. From marketing websites to technical data sheets, from literary biographies to complex theoretical academic works, we have the experience necessary to translate almost any topic imaginable.

In business and academics, it can be incredibly frustrating to read poor translations of essential documents and papers, or listen to a poorly translated speech. Even literary translations by highly qualified non-native speakers sometimes miss their target – minor language mistakes and the unnatural use of idiomatic expressions, for instance, can change the tone of a given text and make it harder for a native English speaker to understand.

At Fortuna Communication, all of our translators are native English speakers with fluent German skills. We also seek to involve our customers in the translation process every step of the way to ensure that the final product meets their needs. Through personal feedback and contact with our clients, we make sure that our translations are technically accurate and always have the right tone for their application.

Contact us – we would be happy to provide you with a personalized offer for your translation.